The Post – Christmas purge: What to do with your household waste.

The festive period is a time of merriment, parties and enough food to ensure you enter January feeling like never want to see a Mince Pie again (well at least until next December.) But, it’s not just your waistline that may be bulging on the 1st of January, but also your rubbish bin. The New Year is the time when you find yourself abandoned by the Christmas elves and left with a desperate amount of rubbish. So here are a few helpful tips of what to do with that Christmas waste.

Christmas Trees
Each Christmas 8 million trees are bought generating over 12,000 tonnes of waste. And with every family wanting to dispose of their tree in the same few weeks of January this can result in something of a logistical challenge. To help ease this process and to ensure Sutton Coldfield’s roadsides aren’t littered with trees Birmingham City Council has created Christmas tree recycling points. Between the 6th January and the end of the month you can drop off your Christmas tree at the visitor centre in Sutton Park where the park rangers will ensure it is recycled.

Wrapping Paper
Whilst the team at Bailey Tree Services personally find using gift bags is a stress free alternative to wrapping paper. (Which always seems to end up an ugly shaped mass that finds us picking up little pieces of sellotape for days afterwards.) For the defter amongst us wrapping paper can be reused in some pretty inventive ways including paper confetti, decorative streamers, drawer liners or for book wrapping.

Tin Foil
Every Christmas the amount of tin foil thrown away could fill around half of Sutton Park. Estimates suggest around 4,500 tonnes of tin foil are thrown away each December. So do remember that tin foil can be recycled along with food cans and foil trays.

Over Christmas around 13,350 tonnes of glass is thrown away, by recycling this amount we could save 4,200 tonnes of C02, which is essentially the same as taking around 1,300 cars off the road. So take advantage of that recycling bin provided by Sutton council and sort the glass from the chaff. And for those who are particularly creative, there are some wonderful ideas online on ways of reusing glass bottles for decoration such as this unique glass bottle.

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards are a wonderful gesture, reminding a family member or friend that you are thinking of them. However, come January you can find your home littered with stray cards rather than simply putting them in the bin. M & S have created a fantastic initiative that means for every 1,000 cards donated to a store M & S will fund to plant a tree, and the store is hoping for 6 million cards allowing a fantastic 6,000 trees to be planted with the Woodland Trust. And in the post-Christmas spirit here is an easy link to Sutton Coldfield’s nearest M & S.