Tree Services Sutton Coldfield

Tree Services Sutton Colfield
Tree Services Sutton Coldfield

We at Bailey Tree Services are a professional, friendly team of qualified tree surgeons offering the highest standard of tree felling and tree surgery services in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to deliver quality tree surgery services ensuring we produce the required end result.

From ongoing tree maintenance contracts to one-off tree surgery projects, Bailey Tree Services offer a complete professional package to suit your needs.

We offer tree felling which is a tree removal service that is used in situations where there is no risk of damage occurring to any property or harm to the public. We guide the trees by the use of pulling ropes and felling wedges.

Bailey Tree Services can also advise you on the most suitable hedge reduction or hedge removal solution to meet your requirements.

Hedge reduction can improve light, visibility, security and visual aesthetics of a hedge, whilst also helping future maintenance tasks and promoting a healthier growth pattern. 

Hedge removal is typically used when a hedge is; dying or diseased, access or space restrictions or requirements are needed to be met. 

Hedge trimming are among some of the most laborious and time-consuming of any garden odd job. Why not have a tedious job done quickly, efficiently and affordably by hedge trimming experts?

Hedge trimming is an art! We have friendly hedge trimmers that will creatively achieve any desired effect and will work with you to produce an aesthetically high-end results.

While many trees will naturally form their adult shape as they grow, others need a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. Bailey Tree Services can help you create the desired look of your tree at an early age with formative pruning.

We can also ensure that your tree’s crown is up to standard with tree crown reduction. Tree crown reduction ensures that all the branches are cut back to a suitable length and back to a suitable growth point. This means that the entire crown is reduced in size and mass but maintains a pleasing shape in line with the natural profile for the species. We also offer tree crown thinning which is when branches are removed from within the tree this will benefit the tree by reducing the amount of wind resistance and can also allow more light to filter through.   

Sometimes trees just simply outgrow their environment, regardless of their size, condition or location. When this happens our highly skilled tree surgeons can offer the safest way to dismantle any tree.

Maintaining the health of a tree is a big priority for us at Bailey Tree Services that’s why we offer a professional tree service to ensure you can enhance the life of your tree. We can do this through dead wooding. Dead wooding is when branches within the tree die and then they break off. They may fall over time or during storms and high winds. Therefore if they are left unattended this can affect the overall health of your tree. We can safely remove these so they cannot rot and spread disease to healthy areas. Otherwise this can lead to fungus and means that the tree will be beyond help.

If you require Tree Services Sutton Coldfield then please feel free to get in touch with us. You can call the office on 01543 300401 or our mobile number is 07969 275 510.

We look forward to speaking to you.