How to Avoid Cowboy Tree Surgeons

We often get called to quote on jobs, after self proclaimed (Tree Surgeons) have either ruined peoples trees, damaged property and in some cases tried to also rip people off. So we wanted to create a useful article that will help you in spotting a Cowboy.

You may have seen posts on Facebook and other social media networks asking for help in finding stolen tools from tradesman. Sometimes we (Tree Surgeons) get targeted by these criminals. Because of this they often get resold for much cheaper than their actual retail value.

So although a person may appear to have all of the correct equipment, they may still lack in having fundamental knowledge, necessary qualifications and experience. With jobs being harder to find in the current economic climate, you see more chancers trying to break into the industry.

Why shouldn’t I use a Cowboy Tree Surgeon even if they are cheaper?

First of all, as you will be aware. Tree Surgeons operate very dangerous equipment that requires training to use. We’ve heard story’s of Cowboy Tree Surgeons actually risking their lives to earn a quick cash.

Tree’s are also alive, perhaps not the same definition as humans being alive. However they use oxygen (Which they produce during photosynthesis), they certainly reproduce and take in nourishment just like us.

Along with those three points, they can also get infections and die, when a Cowboy Tree Surgeon doesn’t cut the tree correctly it can cause irreparable damage.

In the first paragraph of this section, we mentioned that the Cowboy Tree Surgeon may risk their own lives. Some people may say “Well if it’s going to save me some money, I don’t care if he or she is risking their own life or limbs”.

Well imagine if the tree that they attempt to chop down becomes unstable, with their poor knowledge and little experience they may leave an unstable tree in your garden. When the weather becomes window it cause it to cause damage to your property or a neighbours.

Not using correct safety standards could not only endanger your property but your family.

What Questions should I ask to avoid a Cowboy Tree Surgeon?

  1. Are you insured? Can I see proof of this either a hard copy or a version on your website
    1. An Professional Tree Surgeon will have Public Liability Insurance, covering the public and employees. If they don’t have the correct cover and something does go wrong, you will be out of pocket
  2. What Qualifications do you have?
    1. All members of staff should be proficiently trained and have the correct qualifications to operate equipment.
  3. What Professional Organisations are you registered with?
    1. We are a member of the A.F.A.G (Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group) You can find out more about this here – Most professional Tree Surgeons will be part of a trusted organisation 
  4. Can you show me some examples of your work or any testimonials?
    1. Most professional businesses will now have a website or be active on social media at least. So this is a good place to start with looking at example work and also viewing testimonials to reassure you that you are indeed working with professionals. Please feel free to view our testimonials here – 

Cowboy Tree Surgeons on Watchdog

So please bear this in mind when looking for a local and Professional Tree Surgeon. If you live in Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield or the surrounding areas. We would be happy to give you a FREE quotation.