Bailey’s Expert Tree Removal Services

A lot of our work as professional tree surgeons in Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth entails treating and trimming trees to bring them back to health or more often than not, to keep them in check when they’re becoming a nuisance. Occasionally, however, we do have to remove a tree. We have many years’ experience removing trees in domestic gardens as well as in wider public settings such as public highways and parks. We also take care of any issues of consent, checking for tree preservation orders and gaining official permission from local authorities when appropriate.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why people require our tree removal services…

* Diseased trees

In a great many cases, tree disease can be treated and at Bailey Tree Services, we try as hard as we possibly can to save any tree. In some cases, however, usually because the disease has been allowed to damage the tree for a long period without being treated, the tree needs to be removed. Obviously, every case is different, and only by examining the tree can a diagnosis be made.

* Dead trees

Like all living entities, trees have natural life cycles: they start out life as saplings, they grow and mature and then, eventually, they die. Depending on the particular kind of tree, the life span can range from as little as 15 years to many thousands of years. The world’s oldest surviving tree at the moment is believed to be around 5,000 years old. When a tree reaches the natural end of its life cycle, or it dies because of disease or because of external causes such as storm or fire damage, then it becomes a hazard or an eyesore and needs to be removed.

* Dangerous trees

It’s not unusual for trees to become a threat to property. The most obvious and easily treatable way is when the branches encroach on houses. However, potentially much more damaging to the structural damage of a building is when the roots spread under a property. Trees can have vast root networks that can easily become a threat to the foundations of any building.

At Bailey Tree Services, we utilise a variety of different tree removal techniques depending on the specific circumstances of the tree in question. Our first step is to examine the tree and assess the most suitable method of disposal. In some circumstances, if there is sufficient space, we will be able to opt for a straightforward felling of the tree. More commonly, lack of space will mean we have to take down the tree in sections, using ropes and pulleys as well as rigging equipment and lots of careful planning.

Bailey Tree Services can take care of every aspect of your tree removal, from dismantling the tree itself to using specialist machinery including grinder and diggers to remove the stump. If you’re looking for trusted tree surgeons in Tamworth or Sutton Coldfield, then contact us now to discuss your requirements.

If you have a tree you think might need removing, give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.