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Bailey’s Expert Tree Removal Services

A lot of our work as professional tree surgeons in Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth entails treating and trimming trees to bring them back to health or more often than not, to keep them in check when they’re becoming a nuisance.

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3 Ways to Tell If You Have a Sick Tree

As with any other living thing, the quicker you know that a tree is sick, the quicker you can act to treat it and the greater possibility you have of saving its life. There are a number of outward signs

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How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon in the Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth areas

There are many reasons why you might need to employ the very particular skills of a tree surgeon, but whatever your reasons are, it is vitally important that you take the time to find a professional company. If you try

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Caring for your Tree’s | Tree Work Tamworth

It’s cold and the last thing you will think about doing is going in the garden, but now is the best time to make sure your garden has the best chance of thriving all year. So wrap up and give

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Trees of Sutton Park

If you have ever taken a stroll around the 750 acre Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield you may have noticed the variety of tree species the park is home to. Sutton park natively hosts the; Oak, Holly, Birch and Alder

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Tree Services Sutton Coldfield

People often think because their garden is small it means that you cannot have beautiful trees in it. Here at Bailey Tree Services we treat many gardens of a variety of sizes, but it is important to choose a tree

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The Post – Christmas purge: What to do with your household waste.

The festive period is a time of merriment, parties and enough food to ensure you enter January feeling like never want to see a Mince Pie again (well at least until next December.) But, it’s not just your waistline that

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Acute oak decline symptoms

Check out the video below. An interesting video about the health of Oak trees and some of the signs to look for when diagnosing Acute oak decline.

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How to Identify Charlara ash dieback in the field

Please have a look at the link below. A great video about the health of ash trees and the signs to look for when diagnosing Chalara Ash Dieback disease. This is an important thing to look for as the disease

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Preventing atypical myopathy

Another link to take a look at. An interesting video about ‘Equine atypical myopathy’ which is caused by a toxin found in the seeds of the sycamore tree, atypical myopathy is an often-fatal muscle disease which can affect horses of

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